The Book

In her debut novel, Linda Emma explores the complacency of middle class suburbia amidst an invisible back drop of tumultuous world events.

The explosion of a hidden land mine 6,000 miles away should have had no effect on Jenna. She neither knew anyone fighting in the Iraq War nor felt any strong political connection to the quagmire that was daily splashed across the newspapers’ front pages. But the running loop segment on CNN, and the photojournalist peering out from every frame, brought Jenna back to another life and the boy who challenged her to be more. Danny was gone and the what ifs that she had years ago suppressed, came flooding back.

Married with a young daughter, Jenna lives in tiny Meridian and works part time at the local newspaper penning to a readership which worries more about landscapes than landmines.

Until Danny’s death, Jenna had considered her life full. But now, she wonders if within the cocoon of her sheltered suburban life, she hasn’t allowed herself to become the very person against whom Danny once railed. And when another man challenges her to try more, to be more, Jenna is reminded of the potential she once saw in herself and for her life –all the paths she did not take.

As Jenna sets off in a in a directionless quest for answers to questions she’s only just beginning to formulate, she wonders if it isn’t too late to take that other road –and just where it might lead her.

The Author

Linda Emma lives north of Boston with her husband and two children.

With a background in journalism, she has been published in newspapers, magazines and on a variety of Internet websites.

In addition to writing and editing in the corporate arena, Ms. Emma works at her husband’s auction firm, The Garrett Auction Company, and as a tutor at Endicott College.

Prime Meridian is her first novel.


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